Catch a Six and Win Yourself a Fantastic Weekend Break

New Zealand, it is fair to say, is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Apart from its beauty, it is also a sport mad country with the likes of rugby and cricket taking centre stage. Sport wouldn’t exist without the fans, so the New Zealand Cricket board have come up with a great way to give back to some lucky fans.

A Chance to Win a Fantastic Weekend Break

For every international cricket match that is played in New Zealand, be it a test match, a One Day International, or a T20I match, New Zealand Cricket are offering fans the chance to win a fantastic weekend break to the Maison De La Mer in Akaroa.

This is a lodge that is situated in one of the most beautiful and peaceful spots in the country. Once you have spent a weekend here, you will go back to your normal life feeling nice and refreshed. The stress that you were feeling will be gone in a flash. There are plenty of great outdoor activities that you can do here courtesy of the $2,000 spending money that you will receive should you win yourself a weekend break.

maison-de-la-mer maison-de-la-mer

If you are one of those cricket fans who love to gamble, then you will definitely want to partake in this competition. If you do love to bet on cricket, then we also highly recommend that you pay a visit to as you can find a whole range of great tips here that will help you win. So, if you don’t manage to win yourself a lovely weekend break, you might still be able to win yourself some money.

So How Do You Win Such a Great Prize?

Well, they have decided to create designated catching zones in the stadium where those who are interested in taking part in this competition can stand. On entering the ground, you can opt into the competition by purchasing an orange t-shirt for the price of $20.

You must then make your way to one of the designated catching zones. When the match is being played, you need to keep an eye out for any six that is coming your way because that ball is your ticket to winning a lovely weekend break.

fan-catch fan-catch

If you manage to catch a six using just one hand, you will win a weekend break to the Maison De La Mer. Be warned though, if you put others in danger when trying to compete a catch, you will be disqualified. The last thing that the New Zealand Cricket board need is for someone to get seriously injured. This is why anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted to enter into the competition.

Can You Win More Than One Weekend Break?

New Zealand Cricket come up with this idea in order to show their appreciation for the support the New Zealand cricket fans always show. Therefore, in their opinion, the more people that win a lovely weekend break, the better. Thus, if you manage to catch a 6 one-handed, you will be congratulated and then asked to leave the catching zone so that others have a chance to win their own weekend break. We think you will agree when we say that this is the fairest way.

Once you complete a catch, you will be handed a golden ticket that you can present at the end of the match so that your prize will be sorted out.